»Moon over Konohana« by Katja Stuke and Henguchi

»Moon over Konohana« by Katja Stuke and Henguchi

Moon over Konohana
published by Böhm Kobayashi and The Japanese Culture Institut Cologne (The Japan Foundation) on the occasion of the exhibition Nov 6, 2020 – Jan 2021

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32 pages, 170 mm x 235 mm, stapled
photography and poetry (Japanese/English)
Ed, of 150 copies

The moon has been a central theme of a series by Katja Stuke for several years now. Her series Moon over Konohana include several photographys of „fake“ moons, e.g. illuminated street signs in Osaka and Tokyo, company logos in Düsseldorf or lights at the airport in Paris. A central aspect of her work is the questioning of the supposed reality, presentability and irritation of the seen image, and thus also the possibilities of photography in general.
For the dialogue exhibition at The Japanese Culture Institut Cologne (The Japan Foundation) in November 2020 is to create a new, exclusive dialogue between Katja Stuke and Henguchi Yoshinori between Düsseldorf and Osaka starting from one photograph, Katja Stuke had taken in Konohana in 2015.
Konohana is an interesting district in Osaka, characterized by old (partly empty) Japanese houses, various Shotengai in which still small retailers, kissaten, supermarkets, specialty stores or even a pachinko hall are located.
Konohana is the center of Henguchi’s life, where Katja Stuke has lived during several residencies. Konohana feels partly almost village-like, at least in a small town, but is very centrally located on the JR-Loop Line and is known to tourists by Universal City. In 2025 the World EXPO will be held in Konohana.